Dr.Kishor Patil (M.Sc,Ph.D)

“I’ve always been a student of this life ,not a teacher .More of a sponge than a fountain”


Dr.Kishor Patil

           Dr.Kishor Patil

Hon. Dr. Kishor Patil (M.Sc, Ph.D), a man with golden dreams & enthusiasm of converting dreams into reality,is the Founder President of the “Sharda shaikshanik &   samajiksanstha “.He is associated with a large number of Educational and Social activities in  Maharashtra. Dr.Patil, a renowned personality, has devoted his life to the cause of Education and social Tooltipnullactivities. Sharda Sanstha was established on 06/04/2009, with a primary goal to provide educational  and social services to all sections of society. Sharda Shaikshanik & Samajik Sanstha is continuously  organizing various social and career programs in different parts of the state. Dr. Kishor Patil has also  contributed to society by serving in various Social and Political Fronts. He was Principal Arts Commerce  and Science COLLEGE Songir in Maharashtra State for more than 12 yrs.He also served as professor of  Botony for more than 26 years He is also Academic Council Member N.M.U. Jalgaon.He presented  himself as Secretary Principal Forum,Jalgaon. His other activities in research includes M.Phil & Ph.D  guide N.M.U,Jalgaon & Ph.D guide J.T.N U

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