From Principal’s Desk

Dr. Leelawati T. Deore(M.Sc,Ph.D)

“Nurturing unique quality of individual student”


God has created every individual with unique characteristics. When I see current education system, first thing I seek to answer is how every student is unique among others in terms of knowledge. In Present system, students read subjects only for the preparation of examination and all students refer the same notes or text book The Ultimate goal of educational trust is to furnish the knowledge that each student has and develop their personality.

Vidyadhan College  mainly focuses on finding Uniqueness among the students.Dr. L.T.Deore is an ex professor with more than 30 years of experience.She also progressed her way through teacher , principal and now she is Ph.D. guide for N.M.U. Jalgaon.

In addition also heads the research and development department of the college.I was also involved in teaching and guiding, has organised many spacial training programmes ,Coordinated in various technical activities of the various department.

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