Other Institutes of Sharda Sanstha

Other Institution of Trust

  • Vidyadhan English Medium School ,Valwadi Dhule.

  •  Vidyadhan Night Library ,Dhule.

Drawing inspiration from our founder Dr.Kishor Patil ,a great visionary ,reformer and religious leader of Dhule area.The SS&S have dedicatied themselves to education at all levels.At present,our sanstha of education comprises 2 institutions. VIDYADHAN ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL ,helps  the integral personality formation and development of the children through conducting primary School classes for boys and girls. The teachers are infact pioneers in the field of modern education in India. They have worked in various prestigious educational institutions such as Schools, arts and science colleges, training institutions, Research centers.

We use education as means to change the individual and society. We believe education can be an instrument to liberate individuals and society from the clutches of superstitions and ignorance

Vidyadhan English medium,Valwadi,DhuleVidyadhan ClassVidyadhan English medium schoolVidyadhan English medium students


                                                         VIDYADHAN ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL.




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