Our graduates are working successfully in various field and professions across the world, since the last 5 years. Vidyadhan College ,Valwadi,Dhule’s ALUMINI ASSOCIATION (EVA) which was conceived in the year 2010 with the idea of bringing all the alumni of our college under one roof , to inspire the younger genre of students , and through these initiations student will get to know about the opportunities in the outside world , can learn from the experiences of our alumni and get to heat from our alumni their experience in industry or academia , interesting anecdotes , career decisions and learn from them .An open-ended discussion follows , wherein the students can ask questions to the alumnus. Additionally , the alumnus can also bring in novel ideas , conduct programs which are beneficial to the students and can also interact with the alumni.

Apart from all this ,Alumni Association is a platform to acknowledge the contribution and achievements of all alumni , a great opportunity for them to meet old buddies , make new ones, rekindle relationship with institute engage with student , meet the faculties , industry champion and last but not the least have a great time together.

Ex-Vidyadhan Association (EVA) is the Alumni Association, the organization for former students, faculty and staff – collectively termed “alumni”. The Alumni Association provides a forum for alumni to maintain and develop their links with the College. It encourages present and past students to remain part of the “Vidyadhan” family.

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